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The LATIN-1 Character Fount

IO2 and SuperBASIC Demo-Programs

SB-Extensions, Documentation and Sources

- Preliminary information, subject to change -

IO2 is a collection of 350+ SBasic extensions, two devices (MEM & STAK) and some character founts (Minerva style, Big Blue, High/Super Script, Latin-1).
IO2 is continuously being updated and extended.
For recent changes & additions re "IO2upd_txt" in the archive.
Updated assemblies & extensions referred to at the german page.

It combines several groups of keywords on the following topics

The code was tested with any genuine Sinclair ROM from JM on, Minerva(1.93), w./w.o. GoldCard and Super-GoldCard, several SMSQ (w./w.o. "E") versions (up to 2.89), in the QXL, and with the emulators QPC (shortly), QLAY and UQLX. It is currently in use with Minerva & GC, in the QXL and with the UQLX-emulator.

"IO2-Demo" is a chained group of SBasic program files to testing the IO2 extensions and explaing what they do, and how, which may serve as some minmal documentation to the freely distributable IO2 code. Nevertheless, no part of the IO2 collection may be considered "freeware", I do retain the copright, which, for instance, inhibits giving away the SBasic program texts or any other IO2 related documentation on printed matter; and no program that makes use of (parts of) the unlicensed IO2 version may be sold or begged a "donation" for.

Any part of the IO2 collection is experimental software and thus comes with no warranty at all and will not be supported, by any means; the above mentioned restrictions apply and - with the only one exception of Gerhard Plavec's QL Software CD-ROM - it may not be redistributed within any sort of software archives.

The fully licensed complete release, comprehensively documented, with all assembler sources and many more examples, can be obtained commercially.

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