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Conditions for usage and distribution apply as mentioned in the front page.

Thanks to Mark J. Swift, author of the recent versions of the Amiga-QL-Emulator, and of a nicely working DOC to RTF converter, I was able to convert the PiQ QUILL texts to RTF, and from that output somehow managed to produce the HTML version. Reading the accompanying documents revealed the TAS problem of the Amiga computer - which I already knew of, but forgot. As a consequence I'll be modifying my programs to work without that particular processor command, and put them here as work proceeds, or just give a remark where no changes were necessary.
This page is meant to offer de-TAS'ed versions of my own and of certain, more or less well known, other programs, re-assembled, not just patched., which I'd check with the QXL,&SMSQ (and serial mouse), QL&MGG, QL&MINERVA and in the UQLX emulator, but which are not tested with the Amiga-QL, because I have no access to such a computer.
I'd like to ask the Amiga users to, pse, giving me a notice whether the programs work as expected.
11/99: There wasn't any response and thus work on versions without TAS op's is discontinued.

A re-work of the well known and almost indispensable CON/SCR extension, some parts (slightly) optimzed, configurable (w.r.t. the QIMI mouse), pre-configured versions in the archive:
ptr71_byt    level "01" configurable, QIMI aware
ptr71ci_byt  QIMI ignoring
ptr71cn_byt QIMI aware
The configurable version supplies the additional SBasic keywords:
string$ = PINF$ = "PIF 1.71 .hpr'{date} {version}"
string$ = WINF$ = "{version}" 

The extension's entension (PIF companion), and itself extended w.r.t. v22/32, also, for truely multitasking windowing. Just the code in the archive, for the documentation and the version 34 assembler source re PEX22/32.


GNU licensed Forth System, updating v818 with a debugged and de-TAS'ed compiler. Most parts of the entire distribution will have to be recompiled with the new kernel job if they also should execute without TAS codes.
Revised documention (a few more english comments, and a HELP word) and just the "QF" job with the assembler source in the archive. This version need to be installed on top of F6 v818.
The QXL.WIN extracting program "RecoverX" is now available in a re-compiled F6-8.19 based version.

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